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Nanobrow Shape Mascara – My Beauty Essential

Hi there, ladies!
You often ask me about beauty products I recommend. Recently, I got a lot of questions related to brow care and styling. You write, for example, that you want to buy a certain product and ask if it’s worth it.

Which brow mascara do you recommend?
Best brow makeup products?
Which brow mascara is the best? And so on…

Today I’m going to answer a lot of these questions in just one post. This post is about my beauty favorites. I’ve finally discovered a great brow mascara that I thoroughly tested and haven’t found anything to complain about, and you know I’m picky and demanding when it comes to reviewing beauty products. Nanobrow Shape Mascara is definitely a product worth recommending. Feel free to check out the review!

What is Nanobrow Shape Mascara, anyway?

Let’s start with the basics. I would say that Nanobrow is a brow makeup mascara, but that would definitely be too little as this product can perform 3 functions:


This mascara is like 3 products in one! Plus, it features great quality which ensures matching results: Nanobrow Shape Mascara PRECISELY and PERFECTLY fills in the brows, does not stick hairs together, is clump-free, and works for all brow types: it styles thick arches and adds definition and volume to the thin ones. It always makes my eyebrows look beautiful and very natural at the same time. I’m obsessed with this look! <3

Nanobrow Shape Mascara – shades. How to choose the right shade for yourself?

Girls, you often write that products available in more than a dozen color versions make you confused: you never know which shade to choose and almost always think that ” the other color would be better”… I understand you well as I struggled with this problem myself. Fortunately, your problems end here. Selecting the best shade is easy as this mascara comes in 3 versions. There’s an option for blondes, brown and red hair, and brunettes. All the colors look very natural, so they look lovely on the eyebrows. Also, the shades can be freely combined to create additional shades. You can, for example, choose two and fill in the tail of the eyebrows with a darker shade to create a soft shading effect. This looks amazing on the eyebrows!

What type of brush does Nanobrow Shape Mascara come with?

The brush of this brow mascara is a real show-stopper – it features perfectly sized and arranged bristles. It is made of nylon and features a great design as it doesn’t apply too much mascara on the brows, so it doesn’t clump them, but precisely fills them in and styles them. I noticed it easily reaches every hair. It really makes makeup easy! Girls, I guarantee you will love it, even if eyebrow makeup is not your strongest point.

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What kind of effects does Nanobrow Shape Mascara deliver?

Well, that’s what you are certainly most interested in. What kind of makeup effects can you achieve using Nanobrow Shape Mascara? In my case, it made my brows look more defined and slightly thicker with just one coat. My natural brows are quite fair and not very visible but when I used the mascara, they become defined and looked much fuller. In addition, this mascara does a great job of brow styling. My eyebrows have a beautiful color and are definitely more defined and nicely shaped. Sometimes, when I feel like bold and strongly defined brows, I add an extra coat of Nanobrow mascara once the first one has dried. The effect is spectacular!

Have you already heard of or used this brow mascara? Or do you use other products from the wide Naobrow range? Let me know which ones you recommend! Kisses!

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