A few original methods of applying lip balm

Hello Girls!

Lately, I’ve discovered, completely by an accident to be honest, the alternative uses of a lip balm that we can apply if we don’t have any other cosmetics at our disposal. I’ve tried to collect all the ideas in one entry. I hope you’ll find my beauty ideas useful and you’ll apply them willingly. Enjoy the reading!

Lip balm as conditioner

Many lip balms contain moisturising ingredients, vitamins, microelements and substances directly originating from the Mother Nature (oils and cosmetic butters). For that very reason, they are perfect to treat eyelashes and cuticles. Hence, if your nail cuticles are dehydrated and damaged, treat them with a lip balm. Go even further than that and apply the lip balm to your fingernails. Thanks to this, your nails will become more shiny and prettier. Also, your eyelashes would use this beneficial action a lip balm delivers. It’ll provide the lashes with nourishment, smoothness and shine; you can use it instead of a colourless mascara.

Lip balm as face shaping product?

Of course, you can use it that way. Lip balm will set the eyebrows and unruly flyaways. Therefore, if you’ve just run out of an eyebrow gel and you haven’t get a new one yet, but you have to look on-fleek, a lip balm can turn out to be your lifesaver. Just apply a small amount of the product onto your eyebrows and when it gets absorbed follow with a shadow. Similarly, a lip balm can be applied to your baby hair or to the wisps that don’t want to be set the way you want them to. Smear the lipstick onto a comb and set the hair. The outcome will be marvellous. Moreover, do you know that a lip balm is able to define the curls?

Other applications of lip balm

A lip balm is a good means of dealing with insect bites. It relieves ache, stinging sensation and reddens of skin. Also, this cosmetic will accelerate healing up process of the bite wound. Furthermore, a lip balm can replace a sunscreen featuring low sun protection factor. Just apply it to the body parts that are exposed to the sun. The moisturising features of a lip balm can be also used to dry epidermis parts. All you have to do is smear the cosmetic to the sides of the nose or the outer corners of the eyes. After that, the sensation of contracted skin and dehydration vanishes.

Do you know any other alternative applications of a lip balm I didn’t mention?

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