Kat Von D Cosmetic New-Arrivals: Lock-it Setting Powder


Lock-it Setting Powder is another amazing product launched by a famous tattoo artist – Kat Von D. It comes in a characteristic, Gothic packaging with silver writing. How it worked for me?

What should you know about Lock-it Setting Powder?

Packagings of beauty products matter a lot to me. The one made by Kat Von D is good-quality and lightweight. And it comes with sifter holes for easier application and better storage. The cosmetic is translucent and perfectly matches all skin tones. Kat Von D powder goes with every foundation and concealer. It doesn’t give a full matte effect. It gives a very subtle brightening instead. What’s more Lock-it Setting Powder camouflages blemishes and pores for a flawless and smooth skin. The jar holds 19 grams.

Who’s going to like Kat Von D Powder?

The Lock-it Setting Powder is intended for a dry and normal skin. If your skin is oily, enrich the product with a bit of rice powder which absorbs sebum excess. Moreover, the new cosmetic is finely-ground so it’s fit for baking makeup technique. The powder stays on up to eight hours, depending on how you primed your skin and which products you used. The product is lightweight and almost undetectable.

How and with what to apply the Lock-it Setting Powder?

Kat Von D offers brushes for applying loose powders, too. Lock-it Setting Powder Brush is an example and it’s made for the use of this very product. The brush has very gentle bristles so it spreads the cosmetic well and doesn’t trigger irritation. It’s cut out for a sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Obviously you can use the brushes you already have; the effect will be stunning, that’s for sure!

Are you into Kat Von D beauty products, too?

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