The world’s most expensive cosmetics which I’ll never own: Models Own, Guerlain, DKNY and La Praire


Usually, while buying a beauty product, we take into consideration its composition, features and price. And what if we went crazy and followed the price only, and the highest one, to be more precise? No doubts, we would indebt ourselves. Anyway, there are such cosmetics that cost a packet. To say more, there are women who buy such products. This is madness! My today’s entry is going to be devoted to the world’s most expensive cosmetics.

Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish

Gold, shine and diamonds – this is how I could describe this product. Gold Rush Nail Polish by Models Own resembles liquid gold. Just think how your nails might look like when coated with such a colour. Moreover, the cap was decorated with more than thousand of diamonds. I bet you won’t throw such a bottle away. Are you curious how much this kind of cosmetic costs? Models Own brans has valued Gold Rush Nail Polish at $132,000. Quite a sum, isn’t it?

Guerlain Diamond Studded Lipstick

It looks like a red lipstick closed in a gold case. You probably think that this is classics and elegance in its pure form. Maybe you’re right, but please, take a closer look at the blink-blinks arranged on the cosmetic. These are almost 200 diamonds attached to 18-karat gold packaging. How much does this marvel cost? $62,000.

DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle

Probably you know the cost of the very fragrances. They are the outcome of DKNY and Martin Katz, a jewellery designer, cooperation. Effect? An apple-shaped phial made of 14-karate white gold, decorated with 183 sapphires, 2,700 white diamonds, more than 20 diamonds of various colours and shapes as well as a single tourmaline and an emerald. All the gemstones compose a New York landscape, with the skyscrapers, of course. The ‘bad’ news is that there is just one copy of this phial done and it’s been already sold at a charity auction.

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare face cream

It costs $1,000 because it contains the world’s most expensive metal – platinum. The jar of the cream resembles a big diamond of fair purple colour. The product goes with a spatula which also looks like a fancy gadget. To make you feel better I can tell you that this is the cheapest cosmetic mentioned here in this comparison.

Do you know any other expensive cosmetics? Did you used them?

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