How to Use Beauty Blender? I Tell You How to Do it the Right Way

Does Beauty Blender ring a bell with you? If you haven’t had a chance of testing it yet, I bet you’ve heard about it. Beauty Blender is the first makeup sponge that has ever been created – it’s reusable and has a great shape. I tried it once and can’t do without this beauty gadget.

Do you know how to use this sweet egg? Enjoy reading the post 🙂


Before getting myself the Beauty Blender, I used regular makeup brushes. A flat top brush is perfect for applying a foundation. To be honest, it still happens that I reach for the brush (e.g. when I can’t get round to cleaning the sponge). The fact remains, though, that this simple egg is among the best solutions. To me, Beauty Blender is second to none among the makeup applicators.

What makes Beauty Blender irreplaceable?

  • It allows for both applying and perfect coating.
  • Thanks to the patented sponge material, it doesn’t leave smudges or streaks.
  • It’s designed for all skin types, including the sensitive and acne-prone.
  • It works with every foundation, no matter the type.
  • You can use it for several products: foundation, concealer, highlighter, blusher, etc.
  • It makes the foundation cover the skin evenly and without the cake-face effect.
  • Its shape is ideally profiled and edgeless so the sponge reaches the most hard-to-get places.

I love the thing I’ve read on the brand’s official website, saying that Beauty Blender turns every type of foundation into a satin veil that gently covers your face.

You must remember that Beauty Blender – like all other gadgets or cosmetics – must be used in the right way to work. If a foundation is visible on the skin, it means you used the Blender the wrong way. No worries! I made stupid mistakes at first, too. I’m going to reveal a few simple hacks.

5 TRICKS: How to use Beauty Blender?

  1. Beautyblender is available in a few color versions; each one has different purpose. The pink one for foundation is the most popular. There are also white, black and mini green sponges for applying creams, self-tanners and concealers. I guess I don’t have to remind you that choosing a product right for your skin needs is the key step if you want amazing effects, am I right?
  2. The sponge is intended for the damp use only! Before the use, you must wet Beauty Blender with warm water in winter (for easier application of heavier foundation) or cool water in summer (for freshening). How do I know if I wetted Beauty Blender the right way? Squeeze the excess of water using a paper towel for a perfectly damp applicator.
  3. The technique matters, too. If you operate the sponge the wrong way, the foundation won’t blend into the skin and will leave streaks and spots instead. Beauty Blender is useless if you don’t know how to use it. You can’t just swipe it over the face. You must press Beauty Blender into the skin instead (gently spinning the sponge). I usually press the Blender like a stamp which is a great technique.
  4. Don’t apply the product directly to the sponge! I know it seems the most comfortable but I suggest following the professional makeup artists’ example. Have you noticed that they always apply products to the back of hands or special trays first? Pour a portion of foundation on your hand so it will be easier to pick up the right quantity. With a finger, leave small dots on the face skin and next blend them with the sponge. Not using too much matters most in a natural makeup.
  5. Summing up, a few words on the hygiene. Similarly to brushes and other beauty products, Beauty Blenders must be kept clean, too, and washed after every use. Luckily, it’s much easier (read below). Why is it so important? The foundation settles on the sponge, drying out, leaving clumps; it may darken and mix with the product that you want to apply. In such cases, Beauty Blender leaves spots and ugly streaks, let alone the awful bacteria, gross!

How to keep the foundation sponge clean?

Cleaning Beauty Blender is incredibly important which I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph. How to properly clean the sponge? After finishing your makeup, rinse the egg with warm water and a detergent (antibacterial soap, face wash gel, micellar water). Keep rinsing until water is clean after squeezing the blender out. Next, put the sponge in an airy, room-temp place; never next to a heater or in the sunlight! That’s it!

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