Charcoal – Black Cosmetic for Clean Skin

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Even though it’s black, it loves cleanness and freshness. What’s this? Active charcoal – both the one available at drugstores in form of tablets and the ingredient of many cosmetics. Why is it so popular? Read on to find the answer.

Charcoal and healthy body?

The combination makes sense. Even ancient people used charcoal to disinfect wounds, soothe pain and swellings after the snake and spider bites. In the 19th C, some French scientist proved that charcoal had extraordinary adsorption qualities. Thanks to the porous surface, it binds with toxins, water and other liquids at the speed of light. A hundred years later, charcoal was used for making filters and treating water. Today, it is most commonly known as a remedy for stomach sensations. However, it is a new trend to use charcoal as a successful skin cleansing cosmetic.

Charcoal benefits

Why is charcoal so effective for keeping the face clean? The product owes it to the structure and incredible properties. When you apply charcoal directly to your skin, pores enlarge and transport dirt, sebum and product buildup. Charcoal-enriched cosmetics have similar power. You can find the ingredient in soaps, masks, scrubs, shampoos and even toothpaste.

How does charcoal work?

It has amazing adsorption power, meaning it binds dirt particles on the surface. In this way, charcoal removes sebum excess, sweat, dust and other skin impurities. The product dries the pimples, purifies skin pores and exfoliates dead cells. It fights off inflammation and bacteria and soothes irritated skin. Charcoal-enriched cosmetics freshen and brighten the skin and control sebum glands.

Are you one of the fans of charcoal-enriched products? Which ones are your favourites? 

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