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How to treat hair once the summer is over?

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Hot sun, salty water and dry wind… Hair doesn’t have an easy life during summer. While you are enjoying beautiful weather and relaxing, your hairdo is exposed to damages and dehydration. And once the summer is over, it’s clear to see what this holiday weather has done to your strands. You need to regenerate the hair and freshen it up! How to get down to this?

Firstly, washing

Form your head you have to wash down the grains of sand, sea salt and other impurities which might get between the strands during the summer. Therefore, after each sun tanning and finishing the holiday season do your best and take care of your hair thoroughly. For example, make an appointment with a hairdresser to have a regenerative treatment done. Continue conditioning your hair at home. Remember to wash your hair regularly; it would be even better if you do this twice in a row. But why would you wash your hair two times? The answer is simple. The first hair washing removes dust, dirt and all the remaining impurities that clung to the strands. The second washing opens hair cuticles and facilitates following with more advanced care. Now, you can apply either a hair mask or a conditioner which will get absorbed easier and start working faster.

Secondly, trimming

Not only conditioning but also regeneration are very important during post-summer hair care. For that reason, when you finally come back from your holibob, go to a hairdresser and trim the damaged ends. Sun, wind and water have taken their toll: hair ends are split, strands dry and matte. The best solution would be getting rid of the damaged hair ends and undergoing regenerative treatments. Don’t protest when a hairdresser suggests trimming a few inches of your hair.

Thirdly, other methods of hair regeneration

To regenerate my hair after the summer, I like using cosmetic oils. I apply them to the mid-length downwards and let it sit more or less an hour before I wash my hair and style it. Also, to intensify and fix styling, I add just a few drops of an oil to the blow-dried strands. If you also decide to treat your hair alike, remember not to apply an oil to your scalp – this might contribute to your hair getting too greasy.

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