My TOP 3 Hair Conditioners that Work Wonders & Have Most Wonderful Smell!

Are you also big on natural hair care products but most of them have a smell that turns you off? Same here. It is the biggest problem when it comes to conditioners because I can smell them long after rinsing. That is why I always look for products that are “nose-friendly”. This isn’t easy as far as natural products go but it is possible. Today I present my top 3 hair conditioners that both work great and smell like heaven!

Dr. Organic Organic Rose Hair Conditioner

My beloved conditioner with the most wonderful rose smell. The scent is amazing and the product works wonders on all hair types. It is rich in pure rose oil. It makes you feel like you’re in a garden of roses! On top of that, the oil conditions the hair and it makes a perfect match with a blend of herbs. I really recommend this luxury and lovely-smelling conditioner. It gets deeply inside of hair and strengthens keratin fibers leaving the hair smoother and more glossy, plus smelling amazing of course.

Natura Siberica Frozen Berries Vitamin Hair Conditioner

OMG!!! I’m crazy about this one! This “vitamin bomb” makes hair super shiny and has an incredible aroma! It smells of berries and something fresh and nice. Even though the conditioner is designed for oily hair, it works well for other types. The formula is based on natural plant-derived substances and is free from paraffin, PEG-s, parabens, synthetic colorants. Many of you will appreciate the size too: 400 ml will last you long. It perfectly freshens the hair and scalp, but also has a nourishing and moisturizing effect. Cloudberry extract is a game-changer for hair, conditioning and making it smell wonderful. The product is rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2, fatty acids, and cranberry extract. Generally speaking, it improves the condition of hair, plus the amazing aroma stays on all day!

Nature Moi Red Currant Conditioner for Colored Hair

I can’t find it anywhere.. it’s unavailable and it’s a pity because it is great for colored hair, protects the color, prevents dryness, enhances repair, and protects against blow-drying or sun damage. It makes brushing effortless and obviously it keeps the color vivid and intense, plus smells of fruits. Nature Moi Conditioner leaves the hair shiny as if you just got it colored. The formula is enriched with grape seed oil which moisturizes and nourishes the hair. The way-out scent lingers on for a long time. Naturally the conditioner is free from SLS, silicones, parabens, and it’s made from 96% natural ingredients extracted in France.

Do you use some other natural hair products that boast wonderful smell?

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