Michael Kors Sexy Blossom Fragrance – Is this how spring smells?

I rarely review fragrances because for some reason I don’t feel comfortable in describing aromas but this time I decided to make an exception. It’s because this Eau de Parfum launched by Michael Kors is a real marvel! I use it as a freshening up mist, at least a few times a day since I’ve really fallen in love with this fragrance.

The first impression

I wouldn’t say that Michael Kors Sexy Blossom bottle attracts attention. If it wasn’t for my friend’s recommendation and a significant price reduction, I wouldn’t have probably bought this fragrance. Just an angular phial of the violet and golden shades is simply… too simple. I definitely prefer other types of phials – the ones which gives the hint of the feminine aroma that is hidden inside.

Eau de Parfum MK Sexy Blossom

As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the most expensive bottles of Eau de Parfum on the market. After all, we shouldn’t be surprised. If you reach for cosmetics launched by such a luxurious brand as Michael Kors, your walled must be filled with money.

How does spring smell?

Sexy Blossom is a fragrance that combines sweet flowery notes with musk and wood aromas. It is said that the inspiration for creating this perfume was spring and all the smells which accompany us in these very months when world is reawakening, the flowers are blossoming and the air is exceptionally fresh. Subtle and sensual blend of convallaria, freesia, peony and the mixture of sandal wood and lichee fruit will probably make every women like the perfume; especially if she goes for heavy fragrances. The fragrance notes are as following.

TOP NOTES: lichee, rose petals, leaves (real spring)
MEDIUM NOTES: peony, orchid, convallaria and freesia (flowery mix)
BASE NOTES: musk, sandal wood, ambrox (sensual finish)

Why do I like this fragrance?

I guess you know already that I’m not a fan of rosy aromas in spite of the fact that this smell brings back the memories of my grandma’s office. Despite Michael Kors Sexy Blossom featuring rose notes, they aren’t that obvious and the most important. They are rather overwhelmed by other, fresh and feminine notes.

The second issue is the span of the perfumes, which I find as the key feature. For that reason, I seldom buy Eau de Parfum and reach for something where the content of essence is greater. The truth is, Eau de Parfum Michael Kors Sexy Blossom is fairly durable when applied to skin. I can sense it the entire time, without the necessity of spraying it again and again throughout a day.

I recommend this perfume to women who like durable, fresh and elegant fragrances 😉

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