The Minimalist Cosmetic concept. Less means more, especially for our skin

Minimalism is slowly starting accompanying us in many areas of life. We pay tribute to the ‘less is more’ attitude because it introduces saving and order into our surrounding. But can this approach be applied to cosmetics? Of course, it can!

A few months ago I moved the house and came to the conclusion that I had too much stuff. Especially, when it comes to cosmetics. I was collecting almost everything, from all possible sources and practically to every body part. Creams, lip balms, conditioners, colour cosmetics and the massive number of natural oils. Only when I had to pack everything and move to the other place I understood that I carried it too far. The truth is that I were using just one-quarter of the entire ‘inventory’.

Then, I thought ‘enough is enough.’ I gave away some of the unnecessary cosmetics to my friends and family, the rest went straight into a trash bin. Me? I felt that I finally approached the body care consciously.

What’s the core of minimalism in beauty?

The main principle: it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality (on point!)

As the name speaks for itself, minimalisms is the quest for limiting the items we got to the maximum. We often stash away cosmetics which we don’t use at all, and this habit of ours doesn’t seem to change in the near future. Unwanted gifts, cosmetics given by a friend although we said that we didn’t want them, and the products bought as a consequence of the spur-of-the-moment decision (often because of the discount).

Another characteristic feature of the Minimalist Cosmetic concept is living in harmony with nature and the cost saving approach. Smaller quantity of cosmetics and more natural conditioning products is the simplest way to improve the condition of our skin and hair. When we apply wise and minimalistic solutions in care, this has its positive outcome in our look and wallet.

How to put the Minimalist Cosmetic concept into life?

Everything is fun and games in practice, until we really have to follow some rules. After all, we need other cosmetics in the winter, and other products during the summer. For example, the state of our hair changes with season so we have to match the cosmetics to the strands’ needs. It’s said that skin likes changes. Therefore, I suggest introducing the alterations slowly. It’s easier to reach our goal in a slower pace than carry out a huge revolution overnight.

  1. Throw away all cosmetics with expired best-before date.
  2. Make a list of products you must use and you do apply.
  3. Throw or give away the remaining cosmetics.
    This should do, especially at the beginning, although there is still a long road to cover to the reach the real minimalism. Besides, we usually have problems with implementing drastic changes therefore after this segregation there are a lot of cosmetics that still remains. I suggest ‘running through’ your cosmetic items every two weeks, because in this way you will throw away more things. The following steps concern maintaining minimalism in your make-up bag.
  4. Use wise solutions like for example 2in1 cosmetics, universal cosmetics.
  5. Buy cosmetics in smaller packages.
  6. Give a try to DIY cosmetics.

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