Silicones in hair care. Should we fret?

I bet, you’ve wondered a million times what you should do to help your hair look better. I’m sure you’ll find some answers here and I’m talking now about the conscious use of silicones. How should you apply them correctly so as not to ruin hair? How can silicones enhance your strands? What are silicones? Silicones are film-forming substances. To clarify, they create a coat[…]

Genius! Alpha lipoic acid: why it’s so essential for our good looks?

Hi girls and boys! I’m sure the post will be equally interesting for both of you because of the famous alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It stands right behind proteins and is an essential ingredient to include in diet of all gym regulars because it regenerates damaged DNA, lipid and protein structures. It also helps us clear body of harmful substances and protects against free radicals[…]