Something new in my cosmetic bag: Estee Lauder Double Wear

Hi! My cosmetic bag has been complemented by two new products by Estee Lauder: the highlighter and bronzer – Double Wear. Both products have stick form with a cushion tip which immensely makes make-up easier. What are the other benefits of the cosmetics? Estee Lauder Double Wear Highlighter The main task for the cosmetic is to highlight skin and contour face. Just one stroke of[…]

My new anti-age cream Galenic, Secret D’Excellence

Hello! I can’t deny it, my skin has been ageing and soon, I know it, I’ll notice the first fine lines. For that reason, I decided to get an anti-age cream to protect myself against the first signs of passing time. I’ve chosen Secret D’Excellence by Galenic. A few words from the producer about Secret D’Excellence The producer claims that every woman, regardless of her[…]

The world’s most expensive cosmetics which I’ll never own: Models Own, Guerlain, DKNY and La Praire

Hello! Usually, while buying a beauty product, we take into consideration its composition, features and price. And what if we went crazy and followed the price only, and the highest one, to be more precise? No doubts, we would indebt ourselves. Anyway, there are such cosmetics that cost a packet. To say more, there are women who buy such products. This is madness! My today’s[…]

Kat Von D Cosmetic New-Arrivals: Lock-it Setting Powder

Hey! Lock-it Setting Powder is another amazing product launched by a famous tattoo artist – Kat Von D. It comes in a characteristic, Gothic packaging with silver writing. How it worked for me? What should you know about Lock-it Setting Powder? Packagings of beauty products matter a lot to me. The one made by Kat Von D is good-quality and lightweight. And it comes with[…]

Let’s hide skin imperfections. Freedom System Camouflage with Inglot

Hello! Pigmentation marks, broken capillaries, dark circles under eyes and redness are familiar to every woman. Each one of us would like to remove them as fast as it is possible, or just hide them under make-up. No doubt, this tough task is now easier thanks to Inglot and its Freedom System. Who can make a good use of Inglot concealers? Basically, everyone who struggles[…]