New cosmetics by Dior: Precious Rocks Collection


You say glamour and you think… Dior? Yes, because this the very brand has prepared winter cosmetic collection full of shine and splendour. I’m talking about Precious Rocks Collection. We can find there products which deliver shimmering finish and are closed in highly luxury phials.

What can we find in the newest Dior collection?

In short, Precious Rocks Collection consists of the following cosmetics: Dior 5 Couleurs of Ruby shade, Diorshow Bold Brow Mascara Strucutre & Shine in gold colour, blusher Diorblush Precious Rocks, Diorific Precious Rocks Loose Powder containing golden particles, Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Precious Rocks Shimmering Sculpting Powder, Diorific Khol Powder Lipstick, lip gloss Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, nail polish Diorific Vernis, nail liner Diorific Vernis Liner as well as Diorific Matte Fluid for cheeks and lips.

What are the effects delivered by Precious Rocks Collection by Dior?

Owning to the content of golden and shimmering pigments combined with vivid colours of the new Dior’s cosmetics, we probably won’t use them daily. Instead, thanks to these cosmetics, we can create make-up perfect to be worn on special occasions like a party, anniversaries or a date. I would also like to warn you not to apply too thick layer of a particular cosmetic. It’s just about the comical effect you will obtain if you overdo make-up by putting too much of a powder, blusher or eyebrow mascara. On the other hand, skilful application of Precious Rocks Collection by Dior delivers truly cool effect and might gift your skin with radiance and youthful look.

What is so exceptional about Dior Collection?

No two ways about it, Precious Rocks Collection is extraordinary because of the packaging, colours and forms. Moreover, textures of the cosmetics themselves are worth your attention as well – and I mostly have in mind eyeshadows. Gold, shine and elegance – these are the very words that come to my mind  when I think about Dior, Precious Rocks Collection. But coming back to the shades, their texture resembles tiny diamonds. To say even more, the case features two applicators and a mirror which significantly facilitates applying make-up and do the touch-ups when being out.

Have you already seen this collection?

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