Hebe Professional Make-Up Brushes Review

High-quality synthetic bristles that are bouncy and delicate for your skin. A perfect kit of accessories for the irritation-prone skin. Excellent replacements for natural-bristle brushes. These are the traits of Hebe Professional make-up brush set.

Do I use them regularly? Do I like them? Read the post to find the answers and other interesting (I hope!) things. Join me in the adventure through the world of make-up brushes.

Make-up brushes. Do you need them?

Let’s begin with the point of using make-up brushes. Even though there are lots of fans of applying make-up with fingers or sponges, brush kits are highly popular among women. What’s the secret? In my opinion, brushes are the most precise tools that go with both the skin and make-up products. For example, Beauty Blender is suitable for applying foundation but it won’t work with eyeshadow or gel eyeliner. Sponges ‘eat’ too much of the product whereas applying make-up with fingers fails to give a natural effect. One conclusion comes up – make-up brushes are must-haves if you desire the best looks.


I remember the beginnings of my make-up adventure… There was no point in looking for good-quality brushes at drugstores. It’s the past, though. Now, the range of tools for make-up artists is mind-blowing. For example, Hebe Professional brushes become the must-have in every girl’s make-up bag.

I love Hebe Professional brushes as they are solid, allow for a precise application of cosmetics, keep their properties for a long time and are simply handy. If you search for ideal brushes for a go-to as well as occasional make-up, the kit makes a perfect choice. Let me tell you about my favorite Hebe brushes.

Hebe Professional F01powder and loose product brush

It’s my fave brush for applying a mineral powder because it’s very fluffy and thick. The bristle is bouncy, doesn’t absorb too much of a cosmetic. Instead, it easily spreads on the skin. It’s far better than the iconic Hakuro H55 brush.

Hebe Professional F07foundation and liquid product brush

I often reach out for this tool when I apply a liquid foundation or BB cream. Some girls prefer to use their fingers but I think that the shape and density of the brush give better effects. It evenly spreads products on the skin without leaving smudges. The mild bristles don’t cause irritation.

Hebe Professional E02a small concealer and creamy eyeshadow brush

I use the brush to precisely apply a creamy corrector or eyeshadow. Sadly, it’s not so good for loose and pressed cosmetics. If you have high-quality beauty products, Hebe E02 wins over the Hakuro H61. Must-have!

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