Clinique ‘Double Bubble’. Cleansing face mask Pep-Start

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I think that bubble cosmetics have been fairly popular recently. Do you share my reflection? Anyway, such products are believed to wield tremendous cleansing, exfoliating and smoothing powers. Having this in mind, I decided to find out whether this conviction is true so I bought Pep-Start Double Bubble face mask by Clinique. How did it work on my skin? You’re going to find the answer in my today’s entry.

How does Clinique, Pep-Start Double Bubble work?

First and foremost, Pep-Start, Double Bubble face mask can be applied to all skin types, which is cool. I would describe its consistency as gel-ish (pink) which turns into lather when in contact with skin. Its task is to remove all the impurities accumulated in skin pores as well as leave face freed from cosmetic residues and sebum. Moreover, Pep-Start, Double Bubble by Clinique exfoliates dead epidermis cells really gently, highlights discolorations and smooths wrinkles. In general, thanks to this cosmetics, skin is made ready for make-up or further care practices.

How to apply Clinique, Pep-Start Double Bubble?

There is nothing surprising when it comes to using this purifying face mask. Namely, you have to distribute a very thin layer of the cosmetic all over your cleansed face. Of course, avoid eye skin area and delicate lips. Let the product sit for more or less 2 minutes. Within this several minutes the gel product turns into bubbly lather. After a few minutes, rinse the product with warm water giving your face a massage at the same time. Thanks to this, you’ll remove the impurities more precisely and stimulate blood circulation. What’s important, Pep-Start, Double Bubble face mask has to be used either twice or three times a week. And please remember that after exfoliating your skin and cleansing it deeply, like for example with this Clinique product, you need to follow with a moisturising cream (night) or a make-up primer (morning).

What does Pep-Start, Double Bubble contain?

This cosmetic by Clinique was tested by dermatologists and is completely safe for all skin types. It contains substances that are responsible for creating lather and cleansing face skin. Also, Double Bubble includes glycerine which is there to replenish skin with moisture. When it comes to amino sugar, this substance removes dry epidermis patches and helps with exfoliating. Obviously, this action translates into smoother skin.

Have you already applied any bubble cosmetics, girls?

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