Reflexology – Beautiful Skin & Health Benefits

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Even though this skincare and relaxation method is controversial, reflexology is getting more and more fans. It resembles a classical massage yet the therapist focuses only on your face, hands and feet. Why? Read my post!

What is reflexology?

It is a therapy that involves massaging your face, hands and feet for the benefit of the whole body. During the treatment, reflexes – body part and organ points – are massaged. Thanks to reflexology, the body gets relaxed and regenerated. Consequently, some diseases ease off or their symptoms are less intensive. The transition between reflexes must be smooth so the patient feels only rest, nice warmth and the relaxation of muscles. Just remember that the reflexologist doesn’t heal, diagnose or prescribe medication.

Reflexology methods

There are lots of reflexology techniques. There is a different division of reflexes in each one, coming from lots of ancient cultures. The classical one involves gently moving a thumb back and forth (the caterpillar walk). There is also a circular motion technique in which the reflexologist pressures the reflexes with the tip of the thumb.

Feet, hands and face reflexology

There are thousands of nerve endings both in feet and hands. They are connected with the brain – and consequently – with the specific organs. With the proper stimulation, you can reduce muscle pain, headache, stomachache and improve blood flow and put yourself in a good mood. You’ll do away with memory and indigestion problems.

Face reflexology is like a beautifying and skincare treatment. It upgrades skin condition, smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin. Pressing reflexes on the face and massaging the skin with the right cosmetics increases blood and lymph flow, reduces puffiness and under-eye dark circles.

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