Combination, acne and oily complexion care with herbs

Hello Girls!

Today’s entry was designed for those of you who have combination, oily and acne complexion. I know how difficult it is to take care of this skin type because I used to fight with pimples and excessive sebum production as well. Luckily, herbal toners and natural cosmetics helped me a lot. If you would like to give a go to such homemade preparations, continue reading my entry.


I find them working just great. If you have problems with acne, your skin is oily and you can’t find a decent mattifying foundation, these are herbs that will help you. They degrease yet not dehydrate skin, remove the excess of sebum and sweat delivering the feeling of lightness and freshness, help healing acne and inflammations. Moreover, they have antiseptic and skin contracting features, cleanse skin pores and inhibit bacteria multiplication which is responsible for development of acne.

You can prepare infusions and decoctions which will condition your skin. How to prepare infusion? Cover herbs with water having 90ºC, leave until cool down and keep applying for more or less four days. Store in a fridge. Use only ‘soft’ parts of herbs such as leaves and steams to prepare the infusion. How to prepare decoction? Cover herbs with boiling water the temperature of which you have to preserve for approximately 10 minutes. The directions for use are similar as it is with infusions. The difference though is that decoction has to be made of ‘hard’ plant parts (bark, root). Herbal toners have to be stored in a fridge because their expiration date is very short.

  • Thyme
    Used to treat ailments of the upper part of the respiratory system. This herb has also its application in treating acne skin. It contracts skin delicately and cleanses skin pores. It works antibacterial and antifungal, accelerates healing processes of wounds, slows down inflammations and acne development. You can prepare thyme infusion to solve your complexion’s problem.
  • Field horsetail
    It’s a rich source of silica. Field horsetail is able to smooth, degrease and cleanse skin as well as contract skin pores. It counteracts blackhead development. This herb is perfect to prepare decoction. People whose skin has the tendency to scars and discolorations should approach this plant carefully. Field horsetail is known for its photoirritation feature. This means that when applied to skin and exposed to the sun, it’s highly possible for this herb to cause discolorations.
  • Salvia officinali
    Has soothing features and shows positive influence on acne, oily and combination skin. It works anti-inflammatory and relieves irritations. Moreover, this herb regulates sebum production and, at the same time, controls shine of T-Zone. Salvia officinali reduces and cleanses skin pores as well as delivers the effect of cooling and freshness. You can prepare Salvia officinali infusion to improve condition of your face skin.

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