Is Le Rouge by Givenchy more than just a lipstick?


What is the ultimate lipstick like? Should it just coat lips, or is it also important to get conditioning action? Does it have to feature an interesting design or be 100% practical? Givenchy knows answers to all the questions. Learn them all by testing Le Rouge lipstick by Givenchy with me.

Le Rouge lipstick by Givenchy

Let’s start from the packaging. In my opinion, it is very elegant: silver and black leather matches one another perfectly. Apart from that, the packaging features brand logo and a small extra resembling a diamond. But what about the cosmetic itself? Well, Givenchy offers 31 vividly saturated colours. You can pick and choose among pinks, beiges and reds. Creamy formula of the product provides smoothness and softness. The lipstick doesn’t stick lips together nor dehydrate them. Last but not least, Le Rouge stays on lips really long.

How to apply Givenchy lipstick?

The producer recommends to use a matching lipliner so as to obtain better effect. Of course, this is just an optional solution because even without outlined lips the make-up with Le Rouge is beautiful. As it is not hard to guess, I use either a brush or my finger to apply this lipstick. My piece of advice is that if you want to obtain more intensive effect, apply two or more layers of the cosmetic. After a while, your lip make-up is ready.

Lipstick like no other?

Le Rouge by Givenchy has both pluses and minuses. The latter undoubtedly includes high price, which is due to the lather elements of the packaging. When it comes to the bright sides, to me these are: intensive colours and consistency of the product. These lipsticks are really easy to apply and deliver good coverage. But is Le Rouge by Givenchy exceptional, better than other similar products? In my opinion, there is nothing outstanding about this lipstick. To me it is just regular cosmetic to coat lips with. Is it worth giving it a go? The decision is up to you!

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