Let’s Make a Braid! How Will Water & Hair Conditioner Help Us?

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Today’s post will show you an easy way of making a braid. You’ll learn how to nourish and condition your hair at the same time. Discover the hottest braids for 2017 spring and summer. Enjoy reading!

Mixture for braiding hair

Follow my tips to see that making braids is a child’s play. It will be easy thanks to… water and conditioner. Prepare an atomizer bottle and your favorite hair conditioner. The product should have moisturising, smoothing and conditioning properties. Pour water and the conditioner into the bottle and mix well. Shake the mixture before every application and spray it onto wet or dry hair. Next, start braiding! Remember that making braids on damp hair is far easier. Comb strands out beforehand.

2017 spring & summer braid trends

People used to associate braids with school years and childhood. Now, women love the hairdo. Even men braid their hair. A tight and fancy hairstyle works for lots of occasions. It is perfect for the gym, work or wedding. What braids are going to be trendy this summer?

Boxer braids and pigtails are very popular. The first ones are braided on the top of head whereas the other ones – at the height of ears. Boxer braid allows for taming unruly short hair. Pigtail gives a romantic look. Dutch and French braids are known to all hair junkies. Fishtail is a very complicated form of braids; so-called ropes are just the opposite. Lace braids are among the most advanced forms.

What are your favorite braids? 

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