Scrub different than others? Exfoliating powder Purete Sublime by Galenic


Freeing my skin from dead epidermis cells is important to me. I was using so many various cosmetics that I find it difficult to recollect their names. Lately, I’ve purchased a new product which doesn’t resemble any of the beauty products I’ve ever applied. It’s exfoliating powder Purete Sublime by Galenic.

Can powder exfoliate?

Undoubtedly, Purete Sublime by Galenic holds this power. At the beginning, I wasn’t so sure about its action but I changed my mind right after the first application. I didn’t think that the powder would deliver such immediate and incredible outcomes. The cosmetic is designed to treat all skin types; it served my sensitive and slightly dehydrated face well. Just one use of Purete Sublime was enough for me to notice significantly smoother complexion, it made my face brighter and noticeably soft to the touch. Owning to regular use, I noticed discolorations and fine lines disappearing slowly.

How does Purete Sublime by Galenic look like?

I would describe this cosmetic as original in its form. It’s white powder, very finely grinded, which transforms into lather when it contact with face and water. Moreover, the product is made 99% of powder and 1% of water, therefore, changing the matter of state happens so fast. When it comes to the composition, it features Pyrenean Rock Powder, Pine Powder, White Clay Powder and Tenside Powder. Pine Powder removes dead epidermis cells and smooths complexion. White Clay Powder cleanses and delivers oxygen to the skin and the Tenside Powder is able to mattify and absorb excess of sebum. The pleasant aroma of this product is provided by jasmine and lily of the valley.

How should you apply Galenic exfoliating powder?

Purete Sublime powder can be applied up to three times per week. First, you have to damp your hands with water slightly and get a small amount of the product by shaking the packaging a few times. The powder has to distributed on hands. Secondly, you have to apply the cosmetic to your face and do a few-minute massage. Finally, you can rinse the face with lukewarm water. I’m sure you are aware of it but please remember to avoid eye area because if the cosmetic gets into your eyes, it may irritate them.

What are your favour dead epidermis cells exfoliating products?

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