Something new in my cosmetic bag: Estee Lauder Double Wear


My cosmetic bag has been complemented by two new products by Estee Lauder: the highlighter and bronzer – Double Wear. Both products have stick form with a cushion tip which immensely makes make-up easier. What are the other benefits of the cosmetics?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Highlighter

The main task for the cosmetic is to highlight skin and contour face. Just one stroke of the cushion stick is enough to make your skin gain glow and make some face parts optically bigger. Estee Lauder Double Wear Highlighter has 8-hour wear and doesn’t require touch-ups. It blends well with every foundation though you have to put some effort into making applied cosmetic visible. Additionally, the highlighter nourishes and conditions skin. It contains natural extracts to provide face with hydration and radiant appearance.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Bronzer

It is a cosmetic that fulfils similar task as highlighter — contours face. It additionally emphasises natural tan and extends its durability. Skin immediately gains gold and olive complexion and in fast and safe manner. Estee Lauder Double Wear Bronzer has 8-hour wear and no touch-ups are necessary. Cosmetic is applied on top of the foundation and should be gently blended to avoid smudges. Natural ingredients take care of proper skin condition and ensure hydration and nourishment.

How to use Estee Lauder cosmetics?

Both highlighter and bronzer were dermatologists tested and are suitable for all skin types. These are used in a similar manner. To highlight or darken the skin, you just have to twist the base of the stick and gently spread the cosmetic that appears on the cushion. Do it in circular motion — it is the best way to achieve the natural effect. Apply highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, tip of the chin, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and under the brow ridge. When it comes to the bronzer, use it next to the highlighter; you can also apply it to the temples.

Why do cushion cosmetics are so great?

First, due to easy use which I aforementioned. Second, you have control over how much of the product is used per application. You can monitor how much of the product is left on the stick. Third, the cushion is easy to clean. In order to do it, unscrew the upper part of the stick and take off the soft applicator. You can wash it in warm water with soap or with make-up remover. Once in a while, you should disinfect the cushion with a special liquid that you can acquire in the pharmacy.

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