Micellar shampoo. How does it work?

I fell in love with micelles. Not just me because the potential of these tiny particles is also appreciated by cosmetic companies. That’s what micellar shampoos are like – universal, delicate and suitable for every hair type. Do you want to know how they work? Read today’s post and you will find the answer to every question regarding micellar shampoos! For many years, it’s been known that[…]

Australian hits for hair – 3 Miracle Oil Mega by Aussie – product review

From the moment I read that Australia is one of the less contaminated places on Earth and that the plantations there are a real paradise – ecological, unpolluted crops and unique plants that do not appear anywhere else – I decided to give the Australian cosmetics a chance. Of course, I started with the most popular ones, which are in almost every drugstore or online store. Aussie[…]

Hair care of frizzy, damaged, curly and lacking volume hair

Hi, Girls! Unfortunately, not all of us have a beautiful hair style. Most women have unruly, damaged and weak hair. Luckily, there are some simple methods which will make your strands strong, glossy and healthy. You will find all of them in my post. Read on! Frizzy hair and flyaways Hair is usually frizzy due to water and humidity that is absorbed from the environment.[…]