Sheer Glow foundation from NARS. Is it the best cosmetic I have ever had?

Hiya! As you all well know, In my opinion, make-up without foundation should not exist. Therefore, I like to try out many foundations to find the best one for me. Even though I have used many different ones, I must say that Sheer Glow foundation from NARS is my go-to product of all times. Wanna know why? Keep on reading:) Sheer Glow foundation from NARS[…]

A new face highlighter from Becca Cosmetics – Parisian Lights Highlighter

Hello everyone! Paris, the city of love, has always been an inspiration for cosmetic producers. The same was with the brand Becca Cosmetics which created a highlighter called Parisian Lights in collaboration with a French blogger Sananas. How would I rate the product? The answer is in today’s post!  What’s the new Becca highlighter like? The Becca highlighter has been designed in such a way, to adapt[…]

Max Factor Facefinity Compact powder. An old cosmetic in a new packaging

Hello! It is easy to use, it gives an amazing effect, it matched the skin perfectly. That’s how you can describe Max Factor Facefinity Compact. Recently, the brand has improved its packaging but the cosmetic was left unchanged. What has come out of it? Compact powder – what is it? It is a very comfortable and effective cosmetic for finishing makeup. Usually, the compact powder has[…]

Newies from Dior: Forever Undercover foundation and Lip Glow lip balm

Hi everyone!  Full coverage, the second skin effect and a natural colour and shine. That’s a brief description of the two new cosmetics from Dior, the Forever Undercover foundation and Lip Glow lip balm. Will the products be able to deal with my discolourations and chapped lips? Let’s find out!  Lip Glow lip balm  It moisturises, gives colour and gloss. The cosmetic from Dior has a lightweight formula, it is[…]